Local Prosessional Photographers

Our current photographers have been with the company for over 20 years. Besides sports , they are accomplished wedding and studio photographers.You can be assured that the quality of our photos cannot be compared to other companies that have been know for to hire " photographers with lil or no expience".

Our Staff

We have a complete professional, courteous staff on-site for each and every photo shoot. There is no need to find volunteers or helper on picture day. Our staff works together seamlessly to provide your leaque with a comprehensive, hassle-free photo day


Our highly-skilled team has been with All Star for over 20 years! Order forms are checked to be sure that all the information is complete. If someone forgets to put statistics on the trader cards, we will promptly call the parents for additional information ensuring that the cards are created correctly the first time....

Name Recognition

For the past 12 years , we have been the "official" photographer for the NFL , hall of fame football star, Joe Namath. Joe wants the best and joe chooses All Star Photo

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our ONLY goal If you are not completely satisfied with your photos for any reason we will retake them at any time.... even if its just ONE player... Or provide a prompt refund; no questions asked!

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